Privacy Protection Statement of Shin Kong Financial Holding

    Welcome to the website of Shin Kong Financial Holding Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) (, hereafter referred to as “the Website”)! The Company hereby declares to respect and legally protect your personal privacies. The privacy protection statement for the Website of the Company is hereby stated to you as follows in order for you to use the services provided by the Website free from concern and understand how the Website collects, uses and protects your personal data:

    I. The purpose of collection 

    The Company collects the data to understand and manage the use of the Website (including but not limited to analyzing the number of visitors, stream of the Website, user distribution, product/service attention, activity and usage pattern), improve the service quality of the Website, provide customary marketing information or advertisements satisfying your requirement, interest or preference and track their effects. 

    II. Nature of data capture 

    When you use the Website, the Company may ask you to provide your name, ID card number, address, telephone number, email or other related information. In addition, the Company will also save relevant records (including but not limited to the IP address of your connected device, browsing behavior, used browser, time of use and browsing or clicking record) when you browse or inquire on the Website. 

    III. Use of Cookies 

    To provide you with better and more personalized services and facilitate your participation in personalized interactive activities, the Company will use cookies, beacons (web beacons, beacon API and so on) or other technically similar tools by our own or through partners to record, access and collect your online behavioral data. 

    If your browser, installed program or device allows, you can prevent, delete or disable the cookies anytime (for the browser setting, please check the description below). For example, you can choose to adjust the extent of cookie acceptance in your browser setting, which includes accepting all cookies, setting notification for cookies, or rejecting all cookies. To adjust the cookie settings, please check the official guide of various browsers.

    IV. The time period, territory, recipients and methods of personal data used 

    The Website will use the collected personal data for the specific purpose stated in the collection, and the Company will not use the personal data beyond the purpose of collection. 

    The personal data obtained by the Company on the website are only used in our country. The retention period of personal data is five years in principle, but this shall not apply if it is otherwise prescribed in relevant laws and regulations , or a different retention period is necessary for business execution, or a different retention period agreed upon in individual contracts.

    Unless required by the Company to carry out business, your personal data will be destroyed and deleted according to the Company's regulations when the specific purpose no longer exists, or your personal data will be de-identified and can not be traced back to you in the future.

    V. Exercising rights 

    According to the contact information in this statement, you may request the Company to make an inquire of, review, make copies of, supplement, delet or correct your personal data, or request to stop collecting, processing, using your personal data. However, the Company may not stop collecting, processing, using or deleting your personal data according to your request when it is necessary for the Company to perform its duties or business according to law. If the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union applies to the data subject, the data subject shall request the right to carry personal data to the Company(to the extent that it is technically feasible and the data subject is a citizen within the territory of the European Union). 

    VI. The data subjects’ rights and interests that will be affected if they select not to provide their personal data. 

    You do not have to provide personal data according to the requirements of the Company. If you fail to provide relevant personal data, the Company may not be able to provide you products or perfect services or respond to your questions in many cases. 

    VII. Protection Measures and Commitments

    1. The Company attaches great importance to the security of your personal data and takes the responsibility to protect it.
    2. The Website uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology to protect the security of the data you provide and avoid being intercepted by a third-party during transmission.
    3. The Company is committed to providing a secure information environment [including but not limited to the establishment of firewall, encryption technology, user identification system (such as password and personal account) and access control mechanism] to control the access of personal data.
    4. Meanwhile, please properly keep your personal data, certificate or password issued by CA (certificate authority). and allow us to remind you not to provide any personal data (especially password) to anyone or other organizations.
    5. The Website or mobile application program (APP) can not know whether the personal data collected belongs to minors or whether the consent of their legal representatives has been obtained. If you may have doubts about the personal data collected by the Website or mobile application program (APP) from minors without the consent of their legal representatives or other legal bases, please contact us with the contact information contained in this privacy statement, and we will take appropriate measures to investigate and correct it immediately.

    VIII. Share Personal Data with Third-Parties The Company strictly forbids any sale, exchange, lease or other manners in disguise to disclose personal data to other groups or individuals outside of the Company or its subsidiaries, except any of the following cases: 

    1. Where it is expressly required by law;
    2. Where it is necessary for furthering public interest;
    3. To prevent danger to the personal data subject's life, body, freedom, or asset;
    4. To prevent material damage to the rights and interests of others.
    5. Obtain the consent, authorization or permission from the personal data subject.
    6. Based on the written requirement of the judicial authority or other competent authorities.

    IX. Revision of the Privacy Protection Statement 

    In order to protect users' personal data and maintain internet privacy, the Company will update the privacy protection policies provided by the Website at any time in line with the changes of laws and regulations and the latest technologies so as to ensure your privacy. In case of any modification, we suggest that when you visit again, you should learn more about our new privacy policy. 

    X. Contact Information If you have any question about this privacy statement or the use of personal data, please contact us at: 

    Telephone: (02) 2371-1232