Corporate Overview

Shin Kong Financial Holding (SKFH) was established on February 19, 2002. It is headquartered at the Shin Kong Life Tower, a financial landmark building in Taipei. SKFH is committed to both sustainable operations and corporate social responsibility. Its subsidiaries Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (SKL), Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (SKB), Shin Kong Investment Trust Co., Ltd. (SKIT), Shin Kong Property Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. (SKPIA), Shin Kong Venture Capital International Co., Ltd. (SKVC) and MasterLink Securities (MLS) are also dedicated to providing customers with the best financial services.

SKFH provides a full range of financial products and services through its subsidiaries in life insurance, banking, securities, asset management and insurance brokerage and delivers these products through an extensive distribution network (including 372 outlets of SKL, 103 branches of SKB, and 43 branches of MLS) to 6 million customers.

As for the development of overseas markets, SKFH maintained exchanges and cooperation with financial groups in China, Japan,Southeast Asia, and other regions to collect market information, track international trends, and plot a sound strategy to grow in overseas markets, enhance OIU and OBU services, and increase overseas earnings. SKB has established its Hong Kong branch to facilitate services provided to overseas Taiwanese enterprises. SKVC invested in Shin Kong Leasing Corp., headquartered in Suzhou with 100% ownership, through a third-place company. The experience of managing the leasing company will pave the way for SKB to enter the China market by establishing branches or subsidiaries. Shin Kong is integrating group strengths to jointly develop the ASEAN market. SKB and SKL have set up representative offices in Vietnam and Myanmar to collect information, manage local relationships, engage in bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and continue to serve Taiwanese companies worldwide with eyes on advancing its international business strategy.

For more than six decades, Shin Kong group has been cultivating markets, accumulating experience, and building a reputation for excellence, and therefore has received popular recognition. Going forward, the group will continue to provide customers with industry-leading financial services.  

Business Strategy

To become a leading integrated provider of financial products and services to Chinese communities worldwide

To maximize value for our customers, shareholders and employees
To give back to the communities we serve and create a better living environment through charitable activities

SKFH’s main business are centered on life insurance, banking and securities. Under effective risk controls and financial planning, the company consistently pursues aggressive growth and development of a full spectrum of financial services to provide customers with the convenience of one-stop shopping for their financial service needs.

Looking ahead, SKFH will continue to grow its customer base, develop innovative products, and expand channels. The company will also actively pursue overseas expansion opportunities created by deregulation in Taiwan, placing priority on the Chinese market, with an aim to become one of Asia's premier financial institutions.

In the pursuit of growth, SKFH will adhere to its bedrock principles of integrity, innovation, service, and giving back to society. Facing a rapidly changing financial environment, the company will continue to innovate and evolve to realize its vision to become "the best and most comprehensive provider of financial services."