Confidentiality Statement of Shin Kong Financial Holding Co., Ltd. and its Subsidiaries

Shin Kong Financial Holding Co., Ltd. (SKFH) and its subsidiaries strictly protect the confidentiality of customer information in full compliance with the relevant provisions in the Financial Holding Company Act, the Personal Information Protection Act, Regulations Governing Cross-Selling by Financial Holding Company Subsidiaries, and other relevant laws.

  1. How we collect information
    SKFH and its subsidiaries maintaininformation provided by current customers and information provided throughemployees, telephone, internet or other means for purpose of providing service.SKFH and its subsidiaries may also maintain other data obtained through legaland publicly available channels.
  2. Information storage and safekeeping
    Customer data obtained by SKFH and itssubsidiaries are protected under strictly enforced security and confidentialityprinciples. Information is stored at secure access-controlled facilities. It isalso backed up at an alternative location to ensure data security in the event ofspecial, emergency or disaster situations.
  3. Information security and protection
    SKFH and its subsidiaries useindustry-leading technology to fully protect the security of your personalinformation. Protection measures include SSL encryption of information duringdata transmission ; the use of firewalls to prevent illegal access of your databy third parties or internal persons ; and the concealment and encryption ofpasswords to prevent password theft.
  4. Information classification and utilization
    Customer information maintained by SKFH andits subsidiaries includes basic information and dealing or transaction records(such as account information, credit information, investment information, andinsurance information). SKFH or specific subsidiaries may maintain more orfewer types of information as required by their specific operational needs.
    ● Basic information: Full name, date ofbirth, personal identification number, telephone number and address
    ● Account information: Account numbers ornumbers with a similar function, credit card numbers, deposit account numbers,trading account numbers, savings and borrowing amounts, and other transactionand financial information
    ● Credit information: Records of bouncedchecks, write offs, blocked transactions and information on business operationstatus
    ● Investment information: Information on thetendering, amount and timing of investment purchases or sales
    ● Insurance information: Insurance type,period, coverage amount, premium payment method, claim status, and history ofcoverage refusal. In the course of joint marketingactivities, except for customers’ names and addresses, SKFH and itssubsidiaries shall comply with provisions of the "Personal InformationProtection Act" with regard to jointly collecting, processing, and usingthe personal basic information and dealing or transaction records of customers.
  5. How we use customer information
    SKFH and its subsidiaries may share anddisclose customer information among each other within the bounds of the law andas required for joint marketing activities in order to better serve ourcustomers.
  6. Disclosure of customer information
    In accordance with the Personal InformationProtection Act and Measures on Self-regulation by Financial Holding Companiesand their Subsidiaries, SKFH and its subsidiaries will only share and disclosecustomer information within the group and shall not disclose such informationto third parties unless exceptionally allowed by regulations.
  7. Changes to customer information
    Customers who wish to update their personalinformation may contact authorized personnel of SKFH or its subsidiaries at anytime to request such changes.
  8. Customer opt-out
    Customers may contact customer servicecenters of SKFH or its subsidiaries at any time to request that their personalinformation not be used for joint marketing, business, or promotionalactivities. Customers may agree or refuse to accept any information onfinancial management and business promotions from SKFH and its subsidiaries,and they may choose to opt-out or opt-in to receive such information at anytime.
  9. Names of SKFH’s subsidiaries cross-usingcustomer information
    Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
    Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.
    Shin Kong Investment Trust Co., Ltd.
    MasterLink Securities Corporation
    Shin Kong Property Insurance Agency Co.,Ltd.
    Shin Kong Venture Capital InternationalCo., Ltd.
    MasterLink Insurance Agency Co., Ltd.